When to Change Your Engine Oil

If you have owned a car then you know that you need to do routine maintenance to make sure it is running smoothly. One routine maintenance that needs to be done is changing the engine oil, but how often should you change the oil? Many of us were taught to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but here are some tips on how to find out how often to change your oil:

  • Owner’s Manual- Check your owner’s manual, all cars come with one and it will tell you how often to change your engine oil (typically between 3,000-10,000 miles).
  • Driving Conditions- How and where you drive can affect how often you need to change your engine oil. If you do a lot of stop and go driving and short distance driving you will need to change your oil more frequently, but if you drive long distances on the highway you will not need to change your oil as often.

At Lawley Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram we want to make sure all drivers are safe and keeping up with their routine auto maintenance, if you are unsure how often to change your oil come see us anytime.

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