The Comparison Between All-Wheel-Drive and Four-Wheel-Drive

Four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive are two different varieties of the same concept, only they are used for different purposes. Both cause traction to be transferred to all four wheels of a vehicle, but in different ways.

The four-wheel-drive concept is more familiar to most people because it has been available for a longer period of time. It uses a lowered gear ratio and a split differential to accomplish its duty. It is used in larger off-road SUVs and pickup trucks. Vehicles that use 4-wheel-drive are usually off-road and rough terrain vehicles.

All-wheel-drive vehicles are sedans, crossovers, and high-performance cars. In this concept an equal amount of power is transferred to each separate wheel with variance if there is an alteration in the pavement. Designed for use on paved roads, the all-wheel-drive mechanism is designed to give an even and smooth ride in all kinds of weather such as rain, snow, and ice.

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