Impressive Features Highlight the Interior of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Why is Jeep Grand Cherokee always considered one of the models to beat in the SUV market? This automaker is always looking for ways to reinvent themselves. Here are some interior features that should impress you as you go about your daily Sierra Vista, AZ adventures.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee has plenty of room for you and your passengers, and collapsing rear seats make it even easier to haul around things like big boxes or your bicycle. The 60/40 rear seating transforms the interior from a comfortable ride for passengers to a hauling area for all your belongings…

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2018 Ram 1500: Built to Haul

For decades, Ram has been producing quality pickup trucks with a model for every personal preference and need. The 2018 Ram 1500 leads its class in durability, capability, innovation, and styling. The Ram is renowned for its towing capacity, thanks in part to the myriad of towing features on each of its trucks. The 2018 Ram 1500 features the patented Hill Start Assist system, an integrated trailer hitch, and the dynamic Trailer Sway Control combination. The Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension demonstrates the most effective automatic load leveling in the industry.


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2018 Chrysler 300: Sophistication and Luxury

Full size luxury sedans are more popular than ever among car buyers. That is why our team at Lawley Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Sierra Vista are so excited about the brand new 2018 Chrysler 300. You can equip the car with sport mode which will enable the accelerator to have much more responsiveness when you go to accelerate, making it jump to life with even the smallest tap of your foot.

The advanced all wheel drive system also affords the car owner unmatched control on the roads which will make them feel as if they are driving a far…

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What is the Towing Capacity of the 2018 Dodge Durango?

One of the principal components to consider when diagnosing the towing capacity of a vehicle is the horsepower delivery of the engine. Without the necessary horsepower, a vehicle may be able to pull a weight on a level road but will be incapable of pulling the load up a hill.

The Dodge Durango comes with an option for three different engines. Each has a different horsepower rating and thus a different towing capacity. 

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What is Part-time Four-wheel Drive?

Quite a few vehicles on the road have either two wheel or four-wheel drive transmissions. A percentage of the four-wheel capable vehicles also have a special feature called a transfer case, and this device allows for the on-the-fly transfer of power from two wheels to four wheels.

The transfer case on most vehicles is built into the transmission casing, though on other cars it may be in a separate container. Either way, the transfer case machinery takes the power coming from the motor and diverts part of it to the unpowered wheels. 

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Inspect Tires for Pressure Level and Tread Depth

Having the proper tire pressure and good tread on your tires can mean the difference between life and death in dangerous road conditions. In addition to keeping you safe on the road, checking on your tires can help you to go longer without needing to purchase a replacement set for your car.

You should check your tire pressure on a monthly basis. If you find yourself inflating your tires more than once a month or notice one particular tire always under-inflated, you should schedule service immediately to avoid finding yourself with a flat tire. 

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Car Batteries Keep Your Vehicle Going and Going

Car batteries are often a sensitive subject of car owners. Almost everyone remembers a time where their battery failed them. That is why we here at Lawley Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Sierra Vista want to be sure you know the basics about your car battery.

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Wheel Alignment

If you have recently noticed that when you are driving your vehicle doesn't seem to be driving easily in a straight manner then you may have something amiss with the underside of your vehicle. It could be an issue with your suspension but you also could be in need of a wheel alignment. 

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Is Your Vehicle Trying To Tell You Something On the Dashboard?

Well, as you'd surely expect, the obvious answer is yes.

You’re probably accustomed to seeing the dashboard lights turn on when you initially start your engine, but what if they come on while you are driving? These color-coded lights on the dash are designed to communicate an array of important information to the driver, including engine coolant temperature, oil pressure level, fuel level, and much more.

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